DAMASK Bag Anthracite

You can use the ROOLF Bag as a classic handbag or as a beach bag, picnic basket, toy bag, sports bag, ... Whatever you want to take, you can carry it all with you in this sturdy bag made using 100% UV-stabilised thinly woven polypropylene. You can use the small bag to store away make-up, a tablet, or a small laptop, among other things. Attach this inner bag to the larger bag using clasps, or simply use them both separately. Also discover the useful stitched inner pouch. The ROOLF Bag is available in 1 size, 2 prints, and in no less than 6 colours: DAMASK Taupe, Plum, Grey, and Anthracite, and INDIANA Taupe and Grey. Which ROOLF Bag will you put on your wish list?

- Available in 1 size and 2 prints

- Available in 6 colours

- Large bag with smaller inner bag and stitched pouch

- Made in Belgium

54 cm x 37 cm x 17 cm