MERIDIAN Turquoise

Meridian Multi Diamond Outdoor Rugs feature a maritime-inspired, colourful diamond-shaped pattern that is as stunning indoors as out. As this polypropylene rug is composed of 2 mm staple fibres it is very easy to clean. Just rinse it with a garden hose! The Meridian Multi Diamond Outdoor Rug has a flatweave texture, is UV-stabilised and mould and mildew resistant. This blue, green and ivory-coloured carpet with a diamond pattern is available in 6 sizes, to fill every space you want, whether outdoors or indoors. 

• indoor and outdoor use

•  UV-stabilised and mould and mildew resistant

• Meridian Multi Diamond Outdoor Rugs create a relaxed atmosphere and will also look perfect in an intensely decorated environment

• To remove stains, moisten the stained section (do not rub) with a soft, absorbent cloth. Use a solution of soft soap and water to remove dirty stains.

• Made in Belgium

160 x 230 cm
180 x 280 cm
230 x 330 cm