Immediately discover all our beautiful Ibiza garden furniture that perfectly suits your outdoor space.

What exactly characterises an Ibiza style? When we think of Ibiza, we envision the beach, whitewashed houses and luxurious enjoyment. An Ibiza style reflects this by using white as the basic colour. The gardens are often easy to maintain and exude a serene calm. Combine the white with earthy tones for a relaxed atmosphere, think brown, terracotta and beige. But there is another variation of the Ibiza style, which we will come back to later. First, let's explore the most popular style.

With our extensive collection of premium outdoor furniture, your outdoor space will become a true oasis of peace and luxury. Whether you want to lounge by the pool, sip a cocktail on the terrace or simply relax in your own garden, we have everything you need to complete your outdoor retreat.

Our poufs are not only elegant but also exceptionally comfortable, making them the perfect complement to your outdoor furniture. From trendy Ibiza Dotty poufs to boho-chic Silky poufs, our collection includes a range of styles and designs to suit all your needs.

Our Ibiza loungers create a relaxed and informal atmosphere, while our boho-chic Silky poufs add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of the South, where the sun always shines and the days seem endless.
So what are you waiting for? Lie back, stretch out and enjoy the ultimate outdoors with our premium outdoor poufs. Discover our collection now and create your own little piece of paradise, where relaxation and luxury go hand in hand.

Besides the refreshing Ibiza style, there is a second variant to mention: the colourful boho style. A decoration full of elements that can be found at Ibiza's hippy markets. Here, do not go for one colour, but choose a mix of different colours. Think pink, plum, terracotta, gold, blue and turquoise. Unique finds from other trips also go perfectly with this decor. Think vintage-look rugs, terracotta pots.... It all doesn't have to be within the lines, everything can and may be combined. Mix and match with our wide palette of colours! 

Roolf outdoor living
Roolf outdoor living Roolf outdoor living
Roolf outdoor living

Get ready to sit, chill and enjoy outdoor life on your own terms.